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Self development using the natural world in the Channel Islands with Epona

Find your inner strengths with the help of horses. Based in a granite farmhouse, located in a tranquil coastal setting in Jersey,Channel Islands, Epona teaches self development using the rhythms of the natural world.

Epona is situated at Le Catel Farm on Jersey’s north east coast, within sight and sound of the sea, and with the French coast clearly visible in the distance. It is surrounded by farmland with coastal paths, a beach and a small harbour closeby. Epona is located in the perfect place to free yourself of everyday cares, and absorb the rhythm of the world around you.

Here at Le Catel, individuals or groups can explore a unique learning experience that is heavily linked to the intelligence, intuition and social skills of the horse, one of the world’s oldest domesticated animals.The horse is the perfect partner to help you discover your innermost feelings and overcome any fears. Horses communicate among themselves by movement, and they react to human body language, emotions and feelings, in an open and undemanding way, without preconceptions; accepting everyone as they find them and reflecting this back.

People who spend time at Epona, come away with more confidence, better communication skills and an ability to easily and harmoniously engage with their surroundings. In addition, they have a greater self-awareness, are are able to unite heart, mind and body.

Individuals or small groups can spend as long as they wish at Epona, there is comfortable, well-equipped accommodation on the farm to sleep six. The range of opportunities for self-improvement is vast, and it is possible to focus on specific requests or situations.

If you are looking for a unique, heart warming way to bring out your natural strengths, to achieve more in a sensitive and harmonious way, or simply release yourself from everyday routine get in touch today.

If you could benefit from greater confidence, better leadership skills or you want to improve team performance, abandon the classroom and join us in the natural world.

No experience of horses is required, and all activities with the horses take place on the ground.

This could be the greatest investment you make in yourself and those around you.



Certified Equine Guided Educator



Qualified Member of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education