Dear Mary,

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for my three weeks Trident work placement with your establishment.

I really enjoyed my position as assistant horse keeper.

I particularly enjoyed giving Bertie his shower and walking with Bertie and having good time with Marchie.

Over the three weeks, I have gained a great deal of confidence and the ability to be able to work as a member of a team. I have really appreciated the importance of a responsible and mature attitude towards life outside school. Once again, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience life in the working world.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Durham-Waite


 How amazing! I am at a loss to describe what a wonderful and completely genuine experience our family enjoyed last Saturday. Thank you so much for allowing us to share your gift and your gentle confidence. My husband and son loved every minute of it and to hear my son shout out the window to you as we left was truly wonderful. I cannot adequately describe the impact that our visit to you has made, nor can I thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. Your boys are beautiful and please let them know that we are thinking of them. You have built something incredibly special and allowed others to benefit from it. That really does take courage and compassion. A very rare combination. Once again, thank you. We will be back to finish off!




Wonderful experience and results


When I first visited Mary and her horses at the Epona centre in Jersey I wondered how exactly the horses were going to communicate with me.  


When I arrived I wasn’t really clear what I needed help with or where to start.

I imagined I would be exploring something to do with my purpose in life – and how I could make money while doing something I really enjoy doing.


When Mary and I got close with the horses – who are so relaxed and so beautiful to be around – I was surprised that the topic that came first in my mind was love and relationship.


I didn’t need to tell Mary what I was thinking about.   When I asked questions or thought about certain things in my own mind the horse I was talking to behaved in some very specific and unexpected (to me) ways.   Mary explained what the horse’s actions meant – even when she did not know what I had been thinking about or asking.


What the horses communicated to me was totally unexpected – and prompted me to do something I would not otherwise have done.   What I did was really fun – involved love – and was a great learning experience.  


And – while I was relaxing, enjoying love, learning and having fun – someone –out of the blue – decided to give me a large sum of money I had not been expecting.      As a result – I now have the time and space to develop loving relationships and do the things I love to do – while making more money doing those things – and having fun!


I would definitely recommend a conversation with Mary’s horses if you feel stuck or confused in any way.  Go with an open mind.   There are so many more possibilities than we can ever come up with thinking logically.   So allow yourself to be surprised!


In addition – from my own work – I know that many physical health problems are a result of emotional blocks – and blocks we are mostly unaware of.   Many people don’t find it easy to go to a therapist for help – but talking to horses – without anyone hearing what you are saying or thinking – is so much easier – and you will probably be amazed at the help you get!


Dr Anne Curtis. 


I think your 'boys' are awesome and within the calm environment you've created it's the perfect place to work together to 'unlock' that something to help change the future.

Darlene Hewlett


Every year I seek an Equine Guided Learning opportunity to help me with my life journey.  The true wisdom and generosity of horses as human guides is priceless and time honored – and, to me, completely meaningful.

At Epona Jersey in May 2014, Mary Craig’s calm hospitality set the scene in beautiful and ancient surroundings for a day retreat for me after a difficult year. The three horses also welcomed me and quickly assessed me as they worked as a smooth team with Mary and co-coach Mireille, each having their significant role. The horses gently, yet firmly and clearly, signaled to me and included me as I addressed two long term dilemmas that I had been unable to shift.  Consider them well shifted!

Holding treasured images and clarifications from that so special day, I have been able to move forward in a way that I thought I had forgotten.  Thank you for being, Epona Jersey.

A humble equine guided human from Scotland.


I would like to say a huge thank you Mary to you and your ‘team’.
The experience myself and S, who has Learning Disability, had with Epona was truly amazing.
To be honest, I am finding it hard to describe in words some of the qualities and shifts that appeared to happen, especially for S.
Amongst other things S struggles to trust people she doesn’t know well and yet with you, she opened up and let you see the real beautiful, gentle and grateful gem that she truly is.
To witness this genuine exchange was for me so moving and I am so very happy that S was validated as who she really is, in this way. It is really quite a testament to who you are Mary and what an amazing space you have created with your team there, else S would never have shown this level of honesty and vulnerability. You showed incredible sensitivity in a safe and unassuming way, with great perceptiveness.
I believe that this experience has helped S to understand and trust herself more, meaning she appears to be happier and lighter in herself and more confident with making independent choices and that is after just 1 experience!
Myself, I have come out of a mixed working background, including transforming business, and I really cannot stress enough what a valuable experience you are offering there.  I really feel strongly that this is a great means for all, including businesses to enrich and develop.
Having this sort of experience with the horses is somehow a very powerful experience but in a digestible way. It transforms powerfully but gently, just like the nature of Horse I guess!
Mary we cannot thank you and team enough, please keep up the wonderful work, what you are offering there is like gold dust! S would like to come on a short retreat next.
Thank you

When the opportunity arose to visit Mary and her horses I had no idea what to expect but felt it would be an opportunity not to pass up. In the event it turned out to be an exceptional day which I would hate to have missed. The horses were wonderful and I can’t begin to explain what goes on, but just looking into Forest’s eyes there was so much wisdom and understanding in them. Mary made us so welcome at her beautiful farm and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that you will have the most amazing experience, which in some circumstances could well be life changing.



I have known the horses and Mary for a long time. When I’m with the horses I am more happy and confident even when I have no problem and I learn lots of things with them. I have seen them work not with me but with others and when its time to work they work and work really well.



I was 13 years old when I discovered Epona. When I arrived, I was well received by Mary, who introduced me to her beautiful horses. From the first moment they made me feel different, I can’t even explain, it was an inner peace. When I looked into Sweety’s eyes, my favorite horse, he was so special that he made me feel tranquil and I knew I could trust him.

Thank you Mary, you were very kind to me and I really liked your work.



(Tenho 13 anos quando me foi dado a conhecer o Epona. Quando la cheguei fui muito bem recebida pela Sr.Mary que me apresentou os seus lindos cavalos, que desde o primeiro momento me fizeram ser diferente,nem consigo explicar, uma paz dentro de mim, entao quando olhava nos olhos do Sweety, o meu cavalo preferido, ele era tao especial que me fazia sentir tranquila e que podia confiar nele.

Obrigada Sr.Mary, foi muito amavel para mim,gostei muito do seu trabalho.



When I was given the opportunity to discover Epona, I wasn't sure what awaited me. There was a large farm with great facilities, an excellent team, Mary and her beautiful horses. When I was with the horses, I spoke to them and looked after them. When I looked in their eyes, I felt such peace that I can’t even describe. Thank you Mary and your beautiful horses for helping me.



(Quando me foi dada a oportunidade de conhecer o Epona, nao sabia bem o que me esperava, uma grande quinta com boas instalacoes e uma excelente equipa, a Sr.Mary e os seus lindos cavalos. Quando estive com eles, falava, tratava deles, e quando olhava-os os olhos, sentia uma paz tao grande que nem consigo explicar. Obrigada Sr.Mary e aos seus lindos cavalos por me terem ajudado.