Personal development using horses, with Epona in Jersey



The nature of our work at Le Catel means we work to a fairly relaxed time frame. The horses guide this.

Clients may choose to stay with us overnight, using our accommodation, to allow them to spend the following morning with us to bring their thoughts together before leaving.

At Le Catel, success comes from the connection between our clients, our horses and the contact with the natural environment, something quite different from where many have to spend a great deal of time within our work environment in these modern times.

The aim is to create a memorable, heart-warming experience. It may give the opportunity to reassess their life and focus on the future.


Here are several experiential examples.

Experience 1


A day of around 6 hours starting mid-morning

Suitable for individuals, friends or family groups

Including refreshments and a light lunch










This experience has no pre–determined aims or goals. It is a gateway into the world of horses, and it offers the opportunity to discover the horse’s ability to both understand and guide us as individuals.



Experience 2

A day of around 6 hours starting mid-morning

Suitable for businesses or teams of up to 9 people

Including refreshments and a light lunch


To survive in the wild a herd of horses needs to be supportive of each other.


 From this cohesive understanding and teamwork comes success, underpinned by the values of respect and trust.

This experience brings people out into a different environment, away from the demands and distractions within the workplace, helps them air any thoughts, questions or doubts.

A real and honest interaction can take place within the supporting environment of the horse herd and the natural world.



Experience 3

One or two days during the same week

This is suitable for those with a question to raise or situation to explore, with a maximum of 3 taking part.


This experience may address issues such as responsibility, behaviour and meeting the needs of others.


Times and content can be tailored to suit you.


Prefered payment is via BACS:

Miss M.M.Craig,


St Helier,

account number: 66647355 sort code: 60.12.03.


If you wish to send a cheque please make it payable to Miss M.M.Craig


Le Catel Farm,

La Route Des Cotes Du Nord,



JE3 5BJ.


Please email me your experience request for available date information.

Email: mary@epona.je